fusionKCL Fusion, the competing dance team for KCL Dance Society, is a long standing, hugely successful and fun family of highly talented dancers. The team competes across the country at many inter-university competitions in 5 key styles; Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Hip Hop. The dances are choreographed by students and show case the wonderful talent that King’s has to offer on the competitive university dance circuit. Not only do we dance hard, we also party hard, and each Fusion member has their own story of to tell about their time on the team. Through many an injury, late night rehearsal and costume mishap, friendships form and lasting memories are made.

To be part of the team you can attend the auditions held in early September. You can audition to be a part of as many styles as you like! Rehearsals are held every Sunday and competitions throughout the year.

The success of the team is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of each of its members. This year we have achieved more than ever! Here are the results from 2013/14 and a little about each of the dances and their choreographers!

*Fusion F*


Winning Results:

Southampton Competition

  • Ballet- 1st
  • Hip Hop- 1st
  • Contemporary- 2nd
  • Tap- 3rd

Royal Holloway-

  • Jazz- 2nd
  • Tap- 2nd
  • Contemporary- 3rd
  • Ballet- 3rd

Loughborough Competition

  • Contemporary- 2nd
  • Jazz- 3rd
  • Best Girl- Isabelle Ng

King’s Competition

  • Ballet- 1st
  • Jazz- 1st (Joint with Bucks University)
  • Contemporary- 1st
  • Duo/Trio- 1st
  • Tap- 3rd
  • Salsa- 3rd
  • Best Freestyle- Kiki Oladapo


Fusion Ballet: “Ballet de Tambourin”

Choreographer: Kana Maniwa (3rd Year BA War Studies)


Fusion Ballet troupe this year has achieved perhaps the best in the past several years. The piece was inspired by a famous Royal Ballet repertoire La Fille Mal Gardee, with the very exciting prop of tambourine. All 13 girls in the troupe are incredibly talented, technical, skilled ballerinas dancing en pointe with lovely ballet smile throughout the routine! I am pleased to announce that we have won 2nd in RHUL competition, 1st in Southampton competition, 4th in LSU competition, and 1st in Just Dance It (KCL) Competition this year! Winning in the ballet category not only requires techniques and tight formation, but also performances – girls have shown how much they love ballet and made the audience feel the joy. Congratulations to everyone, and hope Fusion ballet troupe will grow bigger and better in the future! Kana x




Fusion Contemporary: “Read All About It”

Choreographer: Isabelle Ng (1st Intercalated BSc in Infectious Diseases and Immunobiology)


“ I am living in hell from one day to the next. But there is nothing I can do to escape. I don’t know where I would go if I did. I feel utterly powerless, and that feeling is my prision. I entered of my own free will, I locked the door, and I threw away the key.” – Haruki Murakami

The piece revolves around the internal troubles of a domestic abuse. It is about a journey of self-discovery – finding the courage to speak out and finding hope; that one day, everything will be okay again. Personally, contemporary is a way of delivering a message through dance. It is about intensity, strength and emotion, and I thank these nine other dancers sharing the stage with me for helping me do just that.




Fusion Jazz: “Too Darn Hot”

Choreographer: Ellen Dunkley (3rd Year BA English)


Cheesy grins, kicks galore and of course the super sparkly, ruby red, rhinestone leotards were just some of the things that wowed the audience and judges of this classic musical theatre jazz number. Too Darn Hot shimmied and leapt its way to trophy winning glory. With many new faces on the team, as well as some experienced oldies, this dance sizzled and shone at the competitions it attended. The positions speak for themselves and every single jazzicle worked their socks off to make the dance the success it was! After three years choreographing Jazz for KCL Fusion it was an awesome end to what has been an incredible three years. I couldn’t be more proud! x



Fusion Tap:

Choreographer: Connie Hook (2nd Year Business Management)


First of all i would like to start by saying how i couldn’t have asked for a more hard working dedicated and talented group of girls to work with for the tap number for this years KCL Fusion team, and you guys certainly made my job easy. This musical theater tap number “mama makes three” showcased the teams amazing technique, which was praised by many judges throughout the year. With, bows, frills and sparkles what more could you ask for from your classic rhythmical, toe tapping number, which certainly made an impression at competitions, as you can see from this year’s results. I am very proud of everyone involved, you made my first year as choreographer for Fusion tap one to remember. Connie xxx




Fusion Hip Hop:

Choreographer: Morgan Campbell


fusion hip hop



Fusion Duo/Trio:

Choreographer: Alex Theoklitou (1st Year Biomedical Sciences), Rheanne Wai (1st Year Physics), Isabelle Ng (1st Intercalated BSc)

photo (3)

This piece is about growing up. Three kids just having fun and enjoying themselves. We wanted to give a positive vibe which would be transmitted to the audience. It’s a happy, light piece choreographed to ‘Charlie Brown’ by Coldplay. We certainly enjoyed choreographing and performing it and it appears the judges and audience did too.

fusion trio


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