sx2FusionLogoKCL Fusion, the competing dance team for KCL Dance Society, is a long standing, hugely successful and fun family of highly talented dancers. The team competes across the country at many inter-university competitions in 6 key styles; Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Wildcard (this year our Wildcard entries were Salsa, Swing and Belly Dance). The dances are choreographed by students and show case the wonderful talent that King’s has to offer on the competitive university dance circuit. Not only do we dance hard, we also party hard, and each Fusion member has their own story of to tell about their time on the team.

To be part of the team you can attend the auditions held in early September. You can audition to be a part of as many styles as you like! Rehearsals are held every Sunday and competitions throughout the year.

The success of the team is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of each of its members, and every year we have the pleasure of congratulating everyone for their achievements as an individual and within the team.

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Trophies and Awards

Get Down @ RHUL

On the 28th November KCL Dance Society’s FUSION Competitions Team competed against other universities at Royal Holloway University of London Dance Competition.

KCL absolutely smashed it, won lots of trophies and had an all round amazing day.


1st- Tap and Ballet

2nd- Contemporary and Jazz

3rd- Solo / Duo / Trio (Alex and Chloe)

Best Choreography- Contemporary (Jamie)

Hip-Hop, definitely the toughest category of the day, did amazingly and was a hit with the audience!


KCL Just Dance It 2016

On the 13th February KCL Dance Society held their own dance competition and with 9 different universities and 371 competitors. The days a huge success for our FUSION competition team who were able to place in every single category!


1st- Advanced Tap, Advanced Jazz, Advanced Hip-Hop, and the Duo category.

2nd- Advanced Contemporary and Advanced Ballet

3rd- The Lady Styling group in the Wildcard category

And our very own Chloe Ollis-Smith won the award for best girl in the whole competition.


SX Dance: Upstage 2016

On the 28th February Fusion left bright and early for their third competition of the year at the University of Essex. The day was a clean sweep for our competition team, making it our most successful competition of the year!

1st- Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Duo

3rd- The Lady Styling group in the Wildcard category

Best Costume went to Tap

Best Choreography went to the lovely Jamie Tiru with her contemporary routine.

Chloe-Ollis Smith won the award for the best female dancer

Our president, Alex Theoklitou, won the award for best male dancer


LSU Dance Competition 2016

Loughborough University Dance Competition is the biggest university dance competition in the country, with over 30 different university teams competition in the categories: Ballet, Tap, Latin, Jazz, Wildcard, Contemporary and Hip-Hop. It was also our brand new ‘Swing’ team’s first ever performance, and their smiles and energy lifted the mood and they were fantastic! We also entered a trio ‘Belly Dance’ which was a hit with the whole audience!

The over all standard of the day was extremely high and our Fusion team performed their absolute best and did KCL Dance Society proud. Unfortunately our teams didn’t place in any of the categories, but we received amazing feedback from other universities and we had a brilliant weekend!

Our FUSION Tap team were also awarded ‘Best Costume’


Ballet: Thunder, Choreographed  by Asha Cunningham and Helen Checketts


Tap: Capone, Choreographed by Robyn Adams

Jazz: Alive, Choreographed by Rheanne Sun Wai

Lady Styling (Wildcard): Choreographed by Jen Israelsson


Contemporary: Humanity, Choreographed by Jamie Tiru

Duo: Fast Car, Choreographed by Alex Theoklitou and Chloe Ollis-Smith

Wildcard: Kings of Swing, Choreographed by Jeff Tong and Holly Nicholls