Jan 07

Wonderland Rehearsals

Hello lovely people! Christmas has ended, a new year begun, and exams are becoming ever closer. But fear not, for there is light at the end of the (seemingly neverending) tunnel! Dance Soc will be back in your lives once again!

Auditions for our annual show Wonderland are going to be held soon (yay!!). So make sure you’re free from Monday 16th January, as it’s guna be one hell of a week! Don’t worry though, they’re not scary at all – they’re super chilled and fun, just like classes! Best part is, rehearsals are FREE! Just as long as you’ve got Dance Soc membership – which is a must for the show!

Every year we put on 3 shows with over 150 dancers in a wide variety of different dance styles and abilities – meaning EVERYONE can get involved! Show week begins on the 20th March, with rehearsals on the Monday and Tuesday, followed by three wonderful shows and three amazing afterparties on the Wednesday through to Friday!

Check out the Facebook event for more info!wonderland-rehearsal-timetable

Jan 07

Term 2 Classes

Term 2 is just around the corner! And whilst that may bring the horrors that are January exams, it also brings Dance Soc back into your lives!!

This term brings the start of our show rehearsals, which we hold instead of classes. We have loads of dances in different styles and abilities, meaning everyone can get involved. But if that’s STILL not enough for you, we’re holding weekly classes in Zumba, Swing, Salsa + Hip Hop, only this term they’re on Saturdays – starting 28th Jan!


Dec 01

2017 Show!

If you follow us on social media (and if you don’t, WHY NOT???), you’ll probably be aware of our 2017 show theme!

Every year we have an annual show, where we take over Greenwood Theatre for a week to showcase the amazing dancing and choreographic talents that our members have! This years shows will take place from the 22nd – 24th March 2017

Did you manage to guess the theme from our cryptic clues? If not, I’ll state what will now seem super obvious


Choreographer auditions are on 12th Dec, and dancer auditions the week beginning 16th Jan, with rehearsals replacing our classes in Term 2


Dec 01

Official Strictly Pics!

The official Strictly Come Dance Soc 2016 pictures are up on Facebook!

Dec 01

Frosty the Showman

Thank you to everyone who took part in Frosty the Showman, our annual Christmas Charity Show! Each year we put on a showcase of all our Fusion competition teams, as well as some very special guests! This year, we had some great performances from Breakin’ KCL, KCL Bhangra and King’s Musical Theatre! 

Thanks to everyone who came, we managed to raise over £450 for our chosen charities: Manna Society and Southwark Children’s Brass Band.

A massive thank you goes to our amazing Charities Officer Tiffany Morgan for organising such a wonderful event, and also to Max Baker for co-presenting with Tiff!

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