Feb 14


Feb 14

KCL Just Dance It 2017

Massive congratulations to our Fusion teams, for smashing it at yet another comp last weekend – this time on home soil at our very own Greenwood!

1st: Ballet, Tap, Contemporary

2nd: Jazz, Hip Hop, Duo

3rd: Swing Tap Wildcard

Best Choreography: Contemporary (Beth Stanbridge)

An AMAZING performance from Samba Wildcard (the audience were going absolutely insane!)


A massive thank you all the wonderful Fusion Alumni who came to help run the whole event – we honestly couldn’t have done it without you!

Bring on Loughborough!

Jan 31

Kingsnation 2017

Our first competition of 2017 was Kingsnation, the very first comp hosted by Kingston University! And what a comp it was! We had some AMAZING results, and celebrated with a post-comp social at SLP! Kingston even had their very own photobooth to capture the day’s drama and shenanigans  – the inflatable banana appreciation squad is forever growing (you should all join, just saying).

1st: Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, Wildcard (Swing Tap)

2nd: Jazz, Duo, Hip Hop

Best Boy: Alex Theoklitou

Best Girl: Chloe Ollis-Smith

Best Uni: KING’S COLLEGE LONDON!!! Hence the HUGE cheque we had to bring back on the train (which explains the very strange looks in Waterloo McDonalds).

Jan 31

Diwali Performance 2016

To celebrate Diwali 2016, our Fusion Hip Hop team made a guest performance at the Aldwich Theatre at KCL Charity Diwali Show Society’s show! Pretty sure this lot could form their own boyband and release their own debut album soon by the looks of this!

Hip Hop, choreographed by Alex Theoklitou

Jan 31

Get Down @ RHUL 2016

We had an amazing time down at Royal Holloway back in November! Despite a fair few of us being in a slightly questionable state (with Comedy Revue to blame for that), our first comp of the year went down a huge success, with Jazz bringing home 1st place, Contemporary 3rd, special mention for Tap and Best Boy to Marcus Bell!!


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