KCL Fusion Troupe 2009/10- Competition Results 

Get Down @ RHUL (Royal Holloway) : Jazz: 1st, Ballet: 2nd, Contemporary: 3rd, Tap: 3rd , Best Dancer: Lara Holford

LSU (Loughborough): Contemporary: 3rd

Busta Move (Warwick): Overall Runners Up

KCL Just Dance It! (KCL): Hip Hop: 1st, Salsa: 1st, Breakin’ Battles: 1st, Tap: 2nd, Ballet: 2nd, Judges Choice Award: Daniel Chong


KCL Just Dance It 2009: 

The KCL Dance Society hosted our very own dance competition on home soil right here in London, holding the catergories Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Salsa, Hip Hop, and Breakin’. Judged by the dance group D-Clash, (an all female group skilled in various dance styles, formed from the competition Nike Dance Clash), and Andry Oporia who played Wolf in “Into the Hoods” (Zoo Nation). The event was a great success with Universities from all over the UK competing! Congratulations to all who participated, and we hope the winners are enjoying their trophies! Oh and  speaking of trophies…

kcl comp 2009