Classes run on a weekly basis running through until Christmas, after which timetables change to accommodate show rehearsals with some classes continuing throughout the year.


Each week we will offer an alternative style of dance for people of all abilities to come and have a go at something new, from Bhangra to Pointe to Latin & Ballroom, we will try and cover it all. (Suggestions always welcome)


Commercial is a strong and sexy genre, which can combine many different styles such as hip hop, jazz and break dancing. It’s all about what you’d see in concerts, music videos and movies – so get ready strut your stuff and release that inner Beyoncé!


One of the sexiest and hottest dances of all time. In joining salsa classes at KCL Dance Soc, you will encounter amazing people who share an incredible passion for dance, and who are always ready to have fun. Whether you want to meet your next date, make new friends, exercise, or simply dance the night away, salsa is an exciting activity for everyone! Every Wednesday, we offer lessons for all levels, from complete beginners to advanced salseros.


This year, to make it even sexier, we will once again be offering bachata classes, which are not to be missed!


After the huge success of the newly introduced Swing classes last year, we’re excited to announce that not only they will continue for this year, but classes will be split to beginners and improvers! Dating back to the 20’s this classic style is sure to get you involved dancing as a group and in pairs, so what are you waiting for? Get your Lindy Hop on!


Whether you’ve never done ballet before or you’ve been dancing for as long as you can walk, the Ballet classes as KCL Dance Soc will give you the opportunity to learn or perfect your ballet technique. Our beginner classes offer the chance for those who are new ballet to learn a new dance technique starting at the very basics, whilst our advanced class will challenge and help you step up to the next level. So, if you want to make friends, learn something new, or practice your pointe work our weekly Ballet classes are definitely for you!


From musical theatre, to lyrical jazz, KCL Dance Soc’s Jazz class offers a wide variety of different jazz styles. Starting with dance warm ups and technical exercises the class will then move on to short routines which will change every couple of weeks. Each exercise and dance is taught at a pace to suit the members of the class, so there is no need to worry if you’ve never danced before or you’re feeling a little rusty!


Whether you’ve never tapped before, or you’re already a pro, KCL Dance Society’s Tap class is definitely for you! Our amazing teacher Corinna teaches at a speed to suit everyone! Comprising of a warm up, short technical exercises and finishing with a routine to perfect what we’ve learnt, you’re guaranteed to improve and have fun along the way! So come along and tap to the beat.


Not elegant enough for ballet but not cheesy enough for Jazz hands? Then our contemporary class is the one for you. Contemporary utilises skills from both ballet and jazz, with a large focus on emotion. So if you want to dance away your stressful day and pour out those emotions then come along and join us every Monday night!


Our Hip-Hop classes, with a separate beginner and advanced class, offer something for everyone. The beginner class will focus on the fundamental elements of the choreography (Speed control, Isolation, Character, Groove and Hits) and finally we will learn a short routine to apply these fundamentals. In the intermediate class, you will learn a longer, more complex routine which will often incorporate all of these elements. These classes are meant to be challenging, however, they are where you’ll experience the most growth as a dancer. 


Perfect for everybody and anybody. Zumba is a total workout which combines cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. Partaking in our weekly Zumba class will give you the opportunity to keep in shape and have fun at the same time. Join us every Wednesday and there will be no need for the boring gym workouts ever again!

Flex & Tone

Our newly introduced Flex & Tone class has quickly become one of our most popular classes. This class is suitable for everybody and no previous dance training is required. Whether you want to improve your strength, flexibility and dance technique or simply want to meet new people and keep fit, Flex & Tone is guaranteed to help you achieve those goals. Come along every Wednesday afternoon and feel the burn!


As one of our most popular classes, burlesque is the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and get wild with hot and sexy moves! Think Beyonce, Chicago and a whole lot of hip rolls, this class is a great place to improve confidence and meet great new friends! Suitable for dancers of all abilities, this class is more about performance rather than technical ability, so come down and get ready to Burlesque!