Fusion Troupe 17/18

KCL Fusion, the competing dance team for KCL Dance Society, is a long standing, hugely successful and fun family of highly talented dancers. The team competes across the country at many inter-university competitions in 6 key styles; Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Wildcard (Swing Tap) and Latin. The dances are choreographed by students and show case the wonderful talent that King’s has to offer on the competitive university dance circuit. Not only do we dance hard, we also party hard, and each Fusion member has the
ir own story of to tell about their time on the team.
To be part of the team you can attend the auditions held in early September. You can audition to be a part of as many styles as you like! Rehearsals are held every Sunday and competitions throughout the year. The success of the team is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of each of its members, and every year we have the pleasure of congratulating everyone for their achievements as an individual and within the team.
*Fusion F*


KCL Just Dance It 2017! 
A fantastic competition on  home ground, we were completely blown away by the standard of dance!
Best Girl: Georgia Brown (President 17/18)