2017/18 Committee Nominations

Voting for 2017/18 Committee is now CLOSED.

However, if you’re not coming to AGM (and if not, why not? We want to see your lovely faces again), then please email contact@kcldancesoc.co.uk with your vote for each and every position! They’re all as important as each other!

* Please note you must have Dance Soc membership in order to vote!


And your wonderful 2017/18 Committee Candidates are:

President: Nikki Letteri, Georgia Brown
Vice President:
Secretary: Kourosh Jannati Vazquez, Weiyee Lee
Treasurer: Emma Smith
Charities: Emily Harvey
Comps: Millie Walker
General: Claire Wilkinson, Lydia Thompson
Marketing: Jake Marshall
Publicity: Nicholas Keatley
Social: Malcolm Harriott
Salsa: Carlotta Missiroli
Ballet: Maggie Chan, Sophie Rivett
Hip hop: Sarah Bowler, Romy Lane