2017/18 Committee, AGM & Awards

Have you applied to be on 2017/18 committee yet? Just email your full name and role to contact@kcldancesoc.co.uk by the 25th April!

Be prepared to come to AGM with a little speech, saying why you should be elected! Secretary and Treasurer may be asked questions, and President and Vice President will have Q&A sessions! So be prepared!

Join us for AGM and Awards on Friday 28th, 6pm, back in our traditional motherland – Guy’s Bar!!

Can’t make it? We’ll also have voting online, which will close at 5pm on the 28th. But please be there! We want to see all your lovely faces!

You MUST have Dance Soc paid membership in order to vote!
There are 13 exciting roles to apply for:

President – must have previously been on committee, must be free for PAT training

Vice President

Treasurer – must be free for PAT training


Publicity + Design

Communications + Marketing


Competitions – must be a current member of Fusion 17/18



Ballet + Contemporary

Hip Hop


You cannot run FOR MORE THAN TWO POSITIONS! You will be given the opportunity to give a short speech for each of the positions you are running for.
ALL candidates MUST be members of Dance Soc by the election date. If you apply and are not a member, you will be removed from the election list.
You will have a handover talk with current 2016/17 committee, so don’t worry – you’re not expected to be able to do it all straight away!

Got any questions? Check out our committee page, or message us on Facebook (either Dance Soc or current committee members!) 

We’ll also be selling Wonderland DVDs (£5) and programmes (£1), as well as hosting Dance Soc Awards! Make sure you’ve voted by filling out the nominations poll

See you all on the 28th!