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KCL Dance Society News bulletin

Swing Animals: #fridayworkshop

With classes ending this week for Term 1, we are going out with a bang with our Vintage Animal Dance #fridayworkshop! The fore-runner to Swing that was a dance craze in the 1910s-20s, made up of animal impressions such as the Chicken Scratch, the Bear Hug and the Foxtrot, and deemed so immoral it was …

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Santa’s Dance Soc Store

Stuck on that Christmas list? Want some official Dance Soc merch for classes next term? Well fear not, fellow dancers. Because Mr Claus has delivered some lovely kit for you to purchase at classes ALL NEXT WEEK! Speak to the lovely committee representative at classes and you can get your merch there and then! Santa’s …

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Strictly Come Dance Soc 2017 raises over £6,000

Thanks again to everyone who came to watch Strictly Come Dance Soc! We managed to raise a MASSIVE £6416 which is just insane, so thank you so much!! A huge congratulations to our contestants, cast and crew, a big big thank you to King’s RAG and of course a massive well done to our Strictly 2017 Champions Tom …

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#kclstrictly2017: TONIGHT

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT, #kclstrictly2017 is here! Watch as the curtains rise for our 14 stunning couples who’ll be showcasing their slick and epic dance moves in the infamous Greenwood Theatre in an attempt to win the love and support of our judges and audience. Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect and it’s not too late to …

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