Voting for 2017/18 Committee is now CLOSED.

However, if you’re not coming to AGM (and if not, why not? We want to see your lovely faces again), then please email with your vote for each and every position! They’re all as important as each other!

* Please note you must have Dance Soc membership in order to vote!


And your wonderful 2017/18 Committee Candidates are:

President: Nikki Letteri, Georgia Brown
Vice President:
Secretary: Kourosh Jannati Vazquez, Weiyee Lee
Treasurer: Emma Smith
Charities: Emily Harvey
Comps: Millie Walker
General: Claire Wilkinson, Lydia Thompson
Marketing: Jake Marshall
Publicity: Nicholas Keatley
Social: Malcolm Harriott
Salsa: Carlotta Missiroli
Ballet: Maggie Chan, Sophie Rivett
Hip hop: Sarah Bowler, Romy Lane